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Najczęściej zadawane pytania
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What photos are NOT published/allowed?

* of celebrities
* of animals
* of objects
* Pictures of children or with children
* with text, logo, watermark, etc. /including
* taken from the internet
* on album covers, games, etc.
* footage from movies or posters
* which are advertisements of products, services, etc.
* with reserved rights
* with naked bodies / including personal photos /
* with erotic poses / including personal photos /
* with porn scenes
* obscene gestures
* which have an internet address
* to which there is an address written
* which have e-mail
* which has a telephone number
* which have a messenger number or nickname
* which have not been successfully added to our server. Such photos cannot be seen and approved accordingly. Please add your photo again.
* underwear / including personal photos /
* with provocative poses / including personal photos /
* which are animated /No GIF animations/
* expressing or calling for violence
* which include weapons
* which are processed / collages / or edited in any way
* smaller than 640 x 480 pixels
* on which no face is visible
* of which you are not the only one /no group photos/
* which are not included in the above, but do not meet the conditions for approval