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ALEKSA BELOVA иван благоев Калин Николов ELI VEST DIDI A Stefan Vasiliev New Prophet Irena Zywioł Румен Ангелов Julia Georgieva Никола Бенишев Любомир Стилиянов Mira Vasileva Flower Stoyanova Meggy Meg Лия Любенова Andrei Tomov Tihomir Petkov Becio Becio Петър Димов Dan Wo Севдо Христо Емо Емилковв Димитър Khx leny lory Азъ Панов Николай Желязков NIKOLAI KOSTOV Nelya Nelya mister johny ivo ignatov Петя Петрова Еми Михайлова Румен NA zdravko zahariev Blagoy Zlatkov Димитър Дончев valio petrov bf goodrich Katq Nikolova iliq qnkov iavor antonov Калоян Христов gica craciun Тути-Фрути Фрути
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Who is in the chart
All the profiles, that have an approved profile photo and set the "Top chart" setting to "Yes" are in the chart.
Top charts
Each qualifying account is ranked in the top chart, depending on the number of points collected for the last 7 days (including the current day). The points are written in the orange icon at the top of the menu bar.
How the chart is formed
Top chart is formed by the accumulated number of points from users. Users get points from certain actions in site for the last 7 days / including the current day /. The more points user gets, the higher is his/her rank in top chart.
Actions that provide points
Points provide the following actions on the site:
viewing a profile 1 point
voting for a profile 2 points
like a profile 2 points
sending a personal message 3 points
reading a personal message 1 point
sending a flirt 2 points
Viewing the pictures in real size 4 points
Users who have the Elmaz Extra service enabled have no limit on the number of points per day. Everyone else can get up to 100 points for actions of each type per day.
The top 1000 profiles, that gathered the highest number of points at the end of the day / 23h 59 min ./, will receive gifts according to their position as follows:
Position Gift Position Gift
1 100 credits 10 50 credits
2 90 credits 11 - 20 40 credits
3 85 credits 21 - 50 30 credits
4 80 credits 51 - 100 25 credits
5 75 credits 101 - 200 20 credits
6 70 credits 201 - 350 15 credits
7 65 credits 351 - 550 10 credits
8 60 credits 551 - 800 5 credits
9 55 credits 801 - 1000 3 credits